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A ten session programme for TLC ladies invited to participate.  Each week will have a theme but there will also be time for you and our facilitators to ask or discuss what you want.  We’re looking forward to journeying with you to help you reframe your experiences and develop a healthy perspective.

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The group is led by Dr Roxane Agnew-Davies, a specialist in the traumatic impacts of abuse and ways to heal and recover. www.dvtltd.com

Facilitators for the programme are: Julia Rawlinson, Lillie Smith and Annette Wicks

10:30am to 12:30am on the dates below at The Salvation Army Building, 21 Crown Lane, Morden, SM4 5BY

Week 1

Monday 24th May

What is domestic violence


31st May

Week 2

Monday 7th. June

Effects and looking after your body

Week 3

Monday 14th June

Why do men do that?

Week 4

Monday 21st. June

Risks and being safer

Week 5

Thursday 24th June

Going to court

Week 6

Monday 28th. June

Staying or leaving

Week 7

Monday 5th July

Positive parenting

Week 8

Monday 12th July

Healthy anger

Week 9

Monday 19th July

Making friends and regaining assertion

Week 10

Thursday 22nd July

Managing goodbyes

Follow Up

Monday 7th August

Picnic in the park