Emma, Founder Member

As a very new Salvation Army officer, I met a lady who turned up on our church doorstep because she'd left an abusive partner and didn't know what to do. Honestly, back then neither did I, I was honest about this but promised her that I wouldn't leave her side until she was safe and we'd found out.

It was at this point, I knew I must respond to the many women who have lived a similar experience. Meeting Julia and Lillie* was another step in this response and having worked in the borough of Merton for 5 years prior, listening to women and their experiences, it became apparent that while there were some amazing services being provided, for some women there was something missing.

The Link Cafe (TLC) has been life changing on so many levels. No matter who is involved there is a connectedness within the women, whether volunteer, victim, survivor or agency, more often than not there is a heart who wants to see transformation, for themselves and for each other.

The relationships that have been formed over the years have been transforming and I believe that is the key to TLC's success, relationship. While I am no longer directly involved in TLC, I thank God for the part I have played but more so for the part all the women I have met, have played in my own journey. The relationships I have made have transformed me and my prayer is that for many years to come women's lives will continue to be transformed because TLC is the catalyst for change.