Women Holding Hands

Ladies of TLC...

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Trustworthy source of advice and signposting 
Truthful perspective for advice and observations

Linking up / Liaising

(computer access/other agencies/people/resources)
Long - term

(as long as it takes)
Camaraderie and company 
Cups of tea 
Computer access and help 
Court support 

 “I just want to say thank you from the bottom of my heart for all the help and support you gave to me since the day I came to TLC. The tip for the sunglasses was fantastic: you opened the door to a new world where I don’t need to worry about eye contact and I can walk confidently with my head held high. That was the beginning of my journey towards recovery. Knowing you made a huge difference to me.”

“As I continued my journey I came to TLC, a place where I found peace, love, care, respect, inspiration. A place where I no longer felt scared, lonely or rejected. A place where I met excellent leaders, so bold, so strong, who motivated me and gave me hope. TLC where my life starts with a new beginning with hope, strength, peace, love and true friendship.”

“At a time of utter despair in my life, I was drowning with the weight of all my difficulties and struggles. I had lost all hope of just trying to survive when I found myself entering the haven, TLC. It was a moment that forever changed my life. The love, care, understanding and support shown to me is immeasurable without any judgement. For me TLC is my saviour, hope, courage, strength, my lifeline and light pulling me out from the darkness. In short, TLC is my Everything.”

“Emerging from DV I felt isolated, trying to explain what I have experienced to others who have not walked that path often leaves me feeling even more isolated and not understood. The day to day reality of dealing with the aftermath of DV, picking up the pieces, sifting through the emotional debris and fallout is heart wrenching. 
TLC support has helped me see a way forward to a safer and emotionally stable and secure future for me and my family. 
TLC’s unique approach of peer and volunteer support offers a community that truly 'gets' the multi faceted nature of DV, gets 'where you are at' doesn’t judge, but gives hope and encouragement with no conditions attached, but serves to aid recovery and support the re-building of the lives of the women and children.”

“For me it is all about the genuine Tender Loving Care. The words of encouragement when I just want to give up, the hugs that I so desperately need but haven’t got the confidence to ask for, the ears that are always ready to listen, the support when I’m struggling with mundane tasks, the warm drink and snack, the laughs we share after the tears I’ve shed, the empathy shown, the safety I feel when I walk through the doors, the picnic in the park on a hot August afternoon, the Christmas carols around the piano, the love displayed for my children, the praise I get when I’ve reached a goal, the way that I feel uplifted when I leave, but most of all knowing that TLC has my back.”


We are princesses
We are held
I have found
u r profound x
Thank you
Your care
Astounds x
I want to sing
loud and proud
Battle through
Your worth
So much
Battle through
It’s Tough tough tough
To reach a place of peace inside
To reach a place
No more I hide
Fear not, said I
No matter what
We’re held
We’re gonna
reach the top
What a
awesome lot ! Xxx  

“I was lost and numb when I started this race, doing it alone was hard and confusing, frustrating and lonely. Then I found you … there was light and clarity, there was understanding and direction, there was love and most importantly there were hugs, loads and loads of hugs! When I was alone it was a race, but with TLC there was grace which just made it easier. Thank you.”