How our ladies feel

about lockdown

For women who are rebuilding their lives following Domestic Abuse, isolation and lockdown has again highlighted how TLC support was crucial and needed to remain solid.  We are proud to not only have achieved this, but also to have welcomed new families into our TLC family!

Morning lovelies! Loving my spirit sisters. 🥰

TLC has helped me in so many ways especially with COVID-19 making sure I had food and always checking on me and my son making sure we are OK and is there anything I've needed. COVID-19 has been a very difficult time but having TLC there has made it so much more easier to cope with.
Since TLC have come into my life I feel like I have a comfort blanket and don't feel so alone all the time. I know I can call or message and know I have support. If I didn't have them I feel like I would have given up not only have they helped with personal issues but also clothing food etc.

Dear God,
Could we please uninstall 2020 and re-install it????  It has a virus!! 🙏

The way I am trying to cope is one day at a time. When my mind goes reeling into the future I have to pull myself back and focus on what I can do right now, in my life as it is. Also I reach out to TLC and they calm me down🥰because I did have some freak outs this week, mainly about current problems in my own life. Guess what Lillie*, Alex and Julia made all the difference and I feel stronger today.

Hello ladies, missing you all. 💕

The term 'self isolating' is important to mention here. Isolation is a trigger word for us all. It conjures up memories and those times we were living with our abusers. Some of those memories can be new, being hidden away deep in the back of our minds. Distressing, painful and incredibly real. We can't put a pause on that, but how we cope with it is the trick. For me, I emphasize the word 'self'. It reminds me that, this time around it is the whole world. Not just me. I may be isolating but I am not isolated. I have a tight circle surrounding me, which includes TLC. Reach out, talk to each other, cry with each other, and dare I say continue to pig out with each other!
Living with them, our isolation was controlled by perpetrators, but this time controlled by ourselves. We made the choice for the health and safety of ourselves and our children.

I feel very emotional today my brain all over the place. 😔😭

I have decided everyday I am going to give each lady here a compliment, so you all can start seeing how truly wonderful and amazing you all are and how much strength you all have, I just want you all to believe you are all so deserving of any help there is and believe in yourselves because honestly and truthfully once you believe this so many wonderful doors open. Its a whole new world. xx

I didn’t think I would feel the benefit of the group because I haven’t met any of you but I have to say it’s really lovely to see this and all the other lovely things from the group each day. Thanks to everyone xx

I miss you all so much. In times like these I've realised just how much I look forward to seeing ALL of you lovely ladies on TLC Tuesdays.

Love and miss you all. Looking forward to the day we get together again. 💕🤗💐

Hello lovely ladies 👋 I am winning so far today - am showered and dressed. 👍

I do not know where to start or end, but precisely, TLC has been a life saver in so many ways ever since I met you ladies.

During lockdown, it was the TLC team who ran to me first, to find out how I was doing and also to bring me all sorts of food stuffs/groceries that saw me through the very first hard couple of weeks in lockdown. 

TLC to me, has always been family, and there are no right words to express the overwhelming gratitude I feel towards all you wonderful ladies (the entire leadership team including the volunteers).

Forever grateful!

This week will pass, it almost has, and we are getting through it, we are coping and we are together. That alone makes a huge difference. 💜

Week 2 of isolation is the time when depression/mood changes/ feeling low was going to happen and to a degree to be expected. Because the first week was so rushed and unexpected we didn't have time to really grasp what it all actually meant. Organising the kids/setting up communication pathways/face timing therapy/shopping supplies etc, (not forgetting goldfishgate!), meant we were all running on speed, without time to think. Now we have had that time it seems there is no end in sight.

Morning, it’s beginning to hit me today. I’m missing the TLC ladies. When I see you all again I’m going to hug you all that little bit tighter. x

Thank you so much for today Lillie* and Alex (and anyone else involved in the wonder that is TLC!).
I cannot express how much today’s visit to “the shop” has helped me...yes of course my priority was Joshua and I am grateful for some lovely clothes, toys and books for my boy. However, I feel like the ladies here will understand so I feel like I can say this without it sounding bad....what has made the most difference to me is that I picked out a few clothes for myself - I’m not the best at looking after myself for several reasons that I won’t go into but Lillie* made sure that I did so thank you for that lovely lady 😘...I am now also the proud owner of more than 1 plate and 1 bowl for me to use for my meals with a 4 piece matching set of dinner plates, side plates and bowls and I couldn’t be happier as I’m about to sit down for some food now. Just wanted to express my gratitude and hope to meet some more of you on Thursday's walk as it was lovely to meet a couple of the ladies and their kiddies earlier. xx